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Time .... making you chase ? Open up to imagination.. desires of the heart .. that kind of stuff. Draw it .. jot it .. see the big picture and make sure to keep time on your lead. Don’t just think it Grid it !
Spent a great evening together with Christian Stirling of and Claire Hine of #squarepegstudio . Lots of wonderful crossovers and connections. Looking forward to more interaction with these guys.
Thinking back to being 7 yrs old. The hopes, dreams & endless possibilities! Are you still pulling the future into the now ? Footnotes It ! FootnotesVMT photo - inspiring Imagination .. a gateway through creativity to real life identity. Do you know who you really are ?
With awakened hopes & dreams near to the surface this weekend ...Grid them ! Bringing exciting new futures into view
New Footnotes VMT training modules available. Please log on at and connect in with the Footnotes VMT community
New website for visual and multilayered thinkers - just launched! The big picture just got bigger!
The Hopes and Dreams Grid activates aspirational and innovative thinking in anyone.... Do you know yours ?
How many day dreams cross your mind that you don't even register? ....Maybe one of those could be a key to unlocking your Hopes and Dreams?
@FootnotesVMT: Strategies for note taking at the speed of thought. Enabling truly multilayered layered awareness.
Stratergies for note taking at the speed of thought. Enabling truly multilayered layered awareness.
Footnotes Visual Multlayered Thinking Facilitator training online, at your pace and preference. Book in with oliver
Thinking on the importance of knowing ones visual,auditory & kinaesthetic balance.
Thought for today;
How big is your Footnotes footprint ?
Keeping the big picture this week.
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