Half Day Drawing & VMT


Oliver believes that Visual Multilayered Thinking is the gateway to the imagination and in turn, imagination is the gateway to identity. He believes that to harness one’s unique visual thinking abilities can enable profound breakthroughs in the ability to create, and communicate one’s thoughts in a powerfully personal way.

Footnotes VMT strategies are very flexible and tailored to suit each need, tutorials can give beneficial input into both individual and group situations. No previous experience or preparation is required, although you are very welcome to bring any prepared questions and topics you may have into a Footnotes session. Individuals often benefit from sharing an area of interest or a challenge that they are wanting to face, working with a Footnotes practitioner who can suggest how visual multilayered thinking might address that situation or challenge.

Its one thing to be imaginative, it’s another to find a way of drawing such full thoughts. These tutorials focus primarily on drawing strategies that help to capture thoughts quickly and powerfully. They can then be used for a host of life’s activities including communication, memory recall, personal organization but also aspects such as personal expression. Come and experience how imagination takes shape 🙂

Workshops in drawing with visual thinking strategies can be booked on half or full day basis

Use the inquiry form to let us know what dates you’d like to attend and any requirements or questions that you may have: