School Creative Identity

Oliver believes that we are all born to be creative in one-way or another. In fact he would say that it’s a built in part of our DNA to create. Creativity isn’t just the domain of the ‘artist’; one can be creative in business and another in their thinking style. Whether we know it or not we are all making creative decisions in pretty much all walks of life. Therefore it’s important that we (young and old) know the specifics of our creative identity, to get the most out of our unique make up.

For many, a lack of confidence in drawing skills and forgotten imaginations can sometimes keep us from exploring one of our core components – Creativity!
Others just can't decide what bit of their inherent skills they want to hone and develop first. Either way; some structured workshops dealing with image creation and organisation can quickly help to push out the old, and usher in some exciting new strands of vision and identity.
Remembering that many great success ideas start on a scrap of paper ; we believe that these workshops offer some essential keys to one's unique and creative identity

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Oliver is practiced at coming alongside students in a class setting, as they begin to examine their unique inherent identities, and is able to facilitate workshops that enable the students to begin to ask -and answer- important questions about themselves. Looking at concepts such as how do I build up my weaknesses and enhance my strengths? What is it that have I always dreamed that I would like to do? Finding that unique portfolio of creativity that often lies untapped, but is inside each of us. There are many ways we can create, and Oliver can offer as little or as much tutored structure, tailored to each class’ needs and learning ability.
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