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Oliver West has been invited to introduce his unique visual learning techniques to schools and communities with sometimes insufficient provision for teaching, learning and life skills. These schools and communities are desperate to improve literacy, and the awareness of individual abilities and aspirations. Oliver believes that the ‘Footnotes’ drawing techniques would assist the many communities of the Western Cape of South Africa in learning to read and write.

If you would like to give your time and energy to this exciting project, at the same time as touring some of South Africa’s most beautiful places, and think you can raise the funds, contact Oliver immediately. Oliver has visited the area twice before and has made substantial links with a number of support agencies in the Cape Town area.

Oliver will be sharing his arts and visual thinking program of support strategies and this is an opportunity for you to bring your own expertise or simply just your interest, to compliment the delivery of informal workshops and meetings with various communities during the trip. If you feel that you can offer support in these settings from your own skills and experiences, this will be welcomed and encouraged.

The work with local communities will give you the opportunity to develop skills for the future and is a valuable personal and professional development experience. We will see the benefits of the Arts and creativity in making a difference to the lives of the most underprivileged and experience at first-hand how the Arts is a powerful and effective tool for communication and building the self-esteem of those most in need.

The trip is open to anyone regardless of experience; just by being there you will be making a valuable contribution to the communities we visit and the trip will be organized in such a way, that we make a financial contribution to the projects we visit which is included within the price of the trip.

In particular, Oliver has developed a very sound personal working relationship with Mervyn Sparks, a Cape Town based Tour Operator, and Tour Guide, with whom Oliver has explored Areas of Cape Town, the Garden Route, and Eastern Cape on previous visits with small Tour Groups. Mervyn is an expat. Englishman who relocated to South Africa in the early 1970’s, and has an acute awareness of the lasting effects of Apartheid on the broader South African population. The legacy of this single minded policy remains South Africa major obstacle in the development of a fair, and normal society.

The fact that for every 8 visitors, one job is created, means that you can contribute positively merely by your presence in South Africa, as this helps someone, somewhere.

Mervyn & Oliver have designed a schedule in conjunction with a cross section of committed local South Africans who are heavily involved in various “grass roots” projects. This not only creates a wider appreciation of the practical problems facing this unique developing country, but also provides the opportunity to become involved. If this can be through your own areas of professional expertise then that would be a genuine bonus. Please check out the following web site for a better understanding of the type of issues & projects being addressed –

No visit to South Africa is complete without experiencing the unique attractions, scenery, and wildlife that this part of the southern hemisphere has to offer. So, the schedule is balanced up with a relaxed touring experience of laid back Cape Town, the moody Karoo, and the picturesque Garden Route. All the time moving between various communities, supporting worthwhile projects in those areas as appropriate.

Trip costs excluding airfares are priced in South African Rand. For an up to date costs summary and to register interest in being part of the Group/Team please email Oliver on [email protected]


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