Professional Development Training

Mobile Studio Experience

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Mobile Studio has been used for the last 20 years as a quick facility that in UK climate enables the facility to plan to be outdoors, whatever the weather, to benefit from getting students into the outdoors, to be influenced by the many aspects of environment that cannot be experienced in the classroom.
The mobile studio is versatile, and equipped to cope with printmaking workshops through to art and drama performance related activities.

Learning To Draw Course

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With so many kinds of drawing skills and interests, Oliver offers a series of workshops that help you and your colleagues find your preferred way of mark making. This won’t be an ‘a b to c’ lesson in how to draw because Oliver often believes you have to make a mark first and then decide what to do with it.

Sometimes, having the help of someone giving a few pointers and perhaps some boundaries can quickly open up confidence, to believe in the uniqueness of a mark. With drawings underway, Oliver is always keen to offer suggestions on an individual basis on how your drawing skills might be used greater effect.

These workshops can be useful to the absolute beginner and to the very proficient creatives alike, because it’s about how one individually chooses to ‘take a line for a walk’. We all learn that way, and we get to keep it too.

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Printmaking Skills Course

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How long have we got?
We could mono-print for an hour or so, or learn how to overlay multiple types of mono-prints, given a bit more time.
Drypoint can be a fast and rewarding activity. (from 2 hrs to 8hrs).
Woodblock and various relief printmaking processes (such as Collagraph) can work over a few hours.
Other forms of Etching will need one day plus to really get stuck in, but there are some quick processes in  the mix.
Oliver believes it’s often how the plate is wiped that makes it a “good proof”,  so once the plate is made, much fun can be had reproofing the plate with different variations of marks and inking effects. So time for proofing is well worth factoring in too.

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Visual Thinking Development

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In 1998 Oliver started to develop the Footnotes Visual Multilayered Thinking programme. Since then, Oliver has been invited to share the strategies with many learning communities around the world.

Oliver believes that Visual Multilayered Thinking is the gateway to imagination and in turn, imagination is the gateway to identity. He believes that to harness one’s unique visual thinking abilities can enable profound breakthroughs in the ability to create, and communicate one’s thoughts in a powerfully personal way.

These strategies can also aid memory and other thought processes such as emotions  and aspirations.

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