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Discover your Creative Identity in Cornwall
For many, a lack of confidence in drawing skills and forgotten imaginations can sometimes keep us from exploring one of our core components 
– Creativity! Others just can’t decide what bit of their inherent skills they want to hone and develop first. Either way; some structured workshops dealing with image creation and organisation can quickly help to push out the old, and usher in some exciting new strands of vision and identity. 

creative identity weekendRemembering that many great success ideas start on a scrap of paper; we believe that this workshop offers some essential keys to ones unique and creative identity. 

Since 1995 Oliver has been offering arts portfolio training to students and artist/designers internationally. With groups of approximately 8 – 10 guests, we focus on enabling each member on an individual basis. This approach encourages a relaxed but content-rich experience. 

creative identity weekend in cornwall

With over twenty years of experience teaching on many undergraduate and postgraduate courses, Oliver has enjoyed a breadth of experience working with students preparing for a career in the following areas: visual arts, contemporary crafts, fashion, product and sustainable design, performance, creative writing, photography and film. He works alongside professionals in architecture and garden design amongst others in the creative industry.

Although very different from one another, all of these examples of specialist portfolios thrive, because of creative identity. Oliver believes that we are all born to be creative in one-way or another. In fact, he would say that it’s a built-in part of our DNA to create. Creativity isn’t just the domain of the ‘artist’; one can be creative in business and another in their thinking style. Whether we know it or not we are all making creative decisions in pretty much all walks of life. Therefore it’s important that we know the specifics of our creative identity, to get the most out of our unique makeup.

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These Creative Identity courses are therefore suitable for anyone, wanting to look a bit closer at what makes them tick, whilst discovering skills they perhaps never knew they had. We know there may be some who identify with the phrase; ‘I haven’t got a creative bone in my body”, but we love proving that statement wrong, as we believe this course could help to enhance the way you live your life, to live it more fully.

creative identity workshop cornwall

For some, it’s about revisiting memories of creative activity to see how it might enhance this current bit of their life’s journey. For others it might be that they feel the equivalent to “writer’s or artist’s block” and – just plain and simple – would benefit from a better awareness of their creative identity and how to engage it. 

We suggest that you come with an open mind to form a trail that might lead from a simple drawing into paint, print, or into creative writing. As we are just feet from the coastal footpath; you might feel the call to get down to on to the beaches and find your creativity there? 

Cornwall landscape

Working on an individual basis, Oliver is practiced at coming alongside unique portfolio stories or bringing suggestions of how to get creative portfolios underway. There are many ways we can create, and Oliver can offer as little or as much tutored structure on the creative identity weekend, as and when it’s useful.

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In addition to offering specific creative identity activities, Oliver will be offering any of the following : doodling, sketching and drawing. Painting and 2D mixed media. Printmaking (including Etching, drypoint, monoprint, lino and woodblock printing) Basic film and animation. He has a specific portfolio of creative writing strategies.

We are also hoping to include the opportunity to dabble with yarns and textiles to add to the creative menu and to encourage yet more hidden talents to surface, as the sewing machine swings into life. Please feel free to bring your own materials for this activity if you wish.

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Since 1998 Oliver has been delivering the Footnotes Visual Multi layered thinking programme to communities in many parts of the world. If you are interested in getting the most out of your big picture thinking skills please do take a look at the website Oliver will be happy to incorporate some of the strategies as part of the weekend delivery.

Most of all we hope that you will want to balance energetic times of creativity with times of relaxation and reflection, in whatever form that takes. 

The next Creative Identity Courses are:

Half day workshops = £45 per person

Back to back half day workshops =£75

18th, 19th, 20th & 21st May = Half days

25th, 26th, 27th & 28th May = Half days

25th, 26th & 27th August  = Half days

Some of these workshops may be able to be extended into a full day workshop. Please email [email protected] to enquire whether this will be possible, or if you have any questions concerning the course or dates. You can also call us on : +44 (0) 1736 710677   or   +44 (0)7773521820creative identity weekend


creative identity weekends in cornwall

In-House Cuisine Provided: 

Breakfasts £7.50

Lunches £9.50 

Evening Meals  £18

(If you would like a glass or two with your meal, feel free to bring your own bottle from the corner shop which sells a selection of wines 2 mins away!)

creative identity workshop in cornwallAccommodation at Stepping Stones – Marazion

Cosy Single Accommodation

Bayside LoftSpace – Double

Sea View – Twin Room

Sea View – Cabin Style Large Double

Mount View – Double

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We are always open to offering even more of a bespoke experience for groups, or even on a one to one tutorial basis. 

For bookings and all holiday/course queries please use our contact form.
 We look forward to hearing from you and very much hope to see you soon!

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Materials that you might like to bring with you on the creative identity weekend:

  • Sketch pad ( you choose your size)
  • A range of drawing materials eg: various soft and hard pencils ( HB – 6B )
  • Your specific choice of paints/drawing inks
  • Any thing else which might be useful in your portfolio
  • We have a selection of some sketchbooks and drawing materials if you find you need more. Equally you might just want to use and buy the materials we have. In this case materials will be charged for as used

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