Learning to Draw

Learning to Draw


Online 30 minute Learning to Draw Session

Price: £28 per 30-minute tutorial.

Where ever you are, whatever you do, there’s a unique set of drawing skills that can be especially useful to you.

These tutorials help to quickly open up the possibilities for drawing in your specific walk of life.

Oliver will quickly give you a series of drawing activities that can help to push away hindrances to your drawings so far and enable you to find new dimensions in your drawing experience.

Tutorials can be booked on a 30 minute basis.  Back to back sessions can be arranged or you might like to go off for a few hours after your first session to try things out then return for more tuition later in the day or in a few days.

Please specify the time that you require.

Learning To Draw Course

Rate: £20 – £120

These drawing for Art and design sessions give individuals the opportunity to look at how they actually perceive, imagine and draw.  In the same way that many of us have unique handwriting styles, our drawing can also reflect a lot about how we uniquely tick.

The aim is to empower the drawer to make the most of their unique abilities and match them with some tricks of the trade.

For more detailed information about this product/workshop, please contact Oliver.