Friends and Family Art Holidays

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Have you ever considered a Friends and/or Family Art Holiday? It’s a really fun way to learn more about each other and to enrich relationships as you each journey new experiences in art making!

Staying in the peaceful location of “Stepping Stones” with comfortable rooms to enjoy, a family art holiday is a truly unique opportunity to discover your perhaps hidden creative abilities as you create pieces of art that will hold many memories for years to come – it’s the added value of a holiday that is worth far more than money! There are lots of activities to choose from, which we can mix and match and tailor to your specific interests. In the same way, full board cuisine can be made available as part of your holiday. Oliver has lots of suggestions for family activities that are unable to be offered in a normal workshop situation (eg. Oliver can organise arts trails, art on the beach activities etc) so it is well worth having a chat to see what’s possible.

The cost of these holidays can vary depending on the size of the party, and obviously duration of stay. Please contact Oliver at [email protected] for further information For more information on this product please call Oliver on 07773 521821 or email [email protected].

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